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Beauty By Chata

Written by: Laree Starke

Jun 4, 2022

Chata is a full-time freelance Makeup Artist based in Atlanta, GA.

Chata is a full-time freelance Makeup Artist based in Atlanta, GA. She balances her time working in various sectors of the industry including bridal, fashion photography, and film & TV. Chata is an amazing Makeup artist that has been in the beauty industry well over 10 years.

Makeup is style, it is personality and a great way to express ourselves. When it applies to cosplay it takes the character and brings it to life! Chata truly enjoys taking her time and with every small detail, it truly is amazing to see the finished look.

She loves learning new things and enjoys being inspired by creative people. She takes pride in creating beautiful work and hopes to inspire others.


When I 1st started Beautybychata I really didn't know what I was doing. All I knew was that I loved everything beauty. Makeup, hair, glitz, glam the whole enchilada! I made my social media account because I knew I had to promote myself in order for clients to find me, and build my brand. Thus Beauty by Chata was born.

Since then so much has changed. And I'm so very grateful. I have been honored to work with big brands as an influencer such as @sallybeauty@Amazon@bellalash and many more. I began exercising my art, and perfecting my talents while trying more new products and BAM!! Beautybychata became a page where people can enjoy my art, connect with me, nerd out with me, see new products/reviews, cool transition videos and sooo much more!

So with all of that being said... I created a NEW client page! My main influencer/cosplay page will remain @beautybychata . If you would like to enjoy my makeup looks on clients please follow and support my new client page @chataonthebeat as well. 💕Thank you for all your continued support.



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