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Speak Davie Creative LLC

Written by: Laree Starke

Jun 3, 2022

Davie is a voice actor based in Atlanta, GA

Davie Rickenbacker a long time cosplayer has made his way into voice acting. He enjoys being bringing a character to life with his voice and also just being himself in his personal life! Davie is the life of the party, full of good energy and good times. Davie graduated from Tuskegee University with a Masters Degree in Public Health.

In 2018 Davie was on the hit show Survivor(season 37: now on Netflix) as a castaway on CBS and became popular amongst thousands and thousands of viewers. Additional to his career in the entertainment industry, Davie attends speaking engagements, podcasts and also does commercial work! He is also a verified influencer and content creator!

Ig: @iamdavie

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