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Tafkar | Design "Make it Happen"

Written by: Laree Starke

Jun 3, 2012

Dontaiz Rouse is a designer based in New York

Dontaiz Rouse is an amazing artist that builds out and designs cosplay props, armor, suits and more! He is a freelance cosplay designer with his own business called "Tafkar Designs." He is very passionate about the construction of his cosplay designs and dedicates countless hours to ensure the final look is to perfection.

Being the innovative person he is, he made the fantastic decision to share his creativity with others by becoming a designer and selling his work. He is only accepting commissions for work that sparks his creative vision but provides tutorials and templates to those that would enjoy re-creating his completed cosplays.

Dontaiz lives by the phrase "Make it Happen" which means if you don't try to pursue a passion then it will not become a reality.

Instagram: @Tafkar

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