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Happy Pie Day

A0s Pie Day draws to a close, let's celebrate this delicious occasion with a mix of fun facts and quick cosplay ideas to add some flavor to the festivities!

Fun Facts about Pie Day:

1. Origin of Pie Day: Did you know that Pie Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) to coincide with the mathematical constant π (pi)? Pi is approximately equal to 3.14, hence the date.

2. Pie Varieties: There are countless pie varieties around the world, ranging from sweet to savory. Some popular sweet pies include apple, pumpkin, blueberry, cherry, and key lime, while savory options include chicken pot pie, shepherd's pie, and quiche.

3. Pie Trivia: The first pies were made by the ancient Egyptians, who created dough enclosures filled with honey. However, the concept of pie crusts as we know them today originated in medieval Europe.

Last-Minute Pie-Inspired Cosplay Ideas:

1. Apple Pie Cosplay: Grab a red or brown outfit and accessorize with apple-themed items like earrings or a headband with faux apples to embody the essence of this classic dessert.

2. Pumpkin Pie Cosplay: Dress in warm orange tones and add brown accents for a cozy pumpkin pie-inspired look. Don't forget to top it off with a pumpkin-themed hat or scarf!

3. Blueberry Pie Cosplay: Opt for shades of blue and purple in your outfit and add berry-themed accessories like a necklace or a dress with a berry pattern to capture the sweetness of blueberry pie.

4. Cherry Pie Cosplay: Go bold with vibrant reds and deep browns in your attire and accessorize with cherry-themed items like earrings or a cherry-printed dress for a playful touch.

5. Key Lime Pie Cosplay: Embrace the zesty flavor of key lime pie with a bright green ensemble paired with yellow accents. Add citrus-themed accessories like lime-shaped earrings to complete the look.

6. Banana Cream Pie Cosplay: Dress in soft yellow with white and brown accents to embody the creaminess of banana cream pie. Consider adding banana-themed accessories like a purse or hair clips for extra flair.

Pie Day may be coming to a close, but the joy of pie and cosplay knows no bounds! Whether you're indulging in a slice of your favorite pie or putting together a last-minute pie-inspired costume, remember to savor the moment and embrace the sweetness of the occasion.

Now what's some of our teams favorite pies

  • Laree - Chocolate Pie

  • Marlon - "Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream"

  • Davie - "I hate pie"

  • Brianna - "Dark chocolate meringue pie!"

Happy Pie Day and happy cosplaying!

Check out one of our ambassadors enjoying some pie in Loki Cosplay! @strangeangelcos

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