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July 16, 2023

Beltline Cosplay has grown into a family of amazing and talented cosplayers that truly enjoy the many memories and bonds built through the experience of togetherness. Without each person that has become part of Beltline Cosplay we would not be this great family we are today! 

So without further ado, Meet our core members!

Meet the Team: Resources
Laree Starke - Starfire
AfroPunk - Starfire
Penny Wise


Laree Starke
IG: @_starree_

Laree Starke has enjoyed cosplay for many years in her life but one of her true passions is bringing people together. She always had a knack for bringing people together and forming true friendships that may have not otherwise developed in this hugely divided world.  

About Me:

When I was younger I was very shy but dressing up into characters for Halloween was my time to shine and later in life as an adult I learned about cosplay. It ended up being an eye opening experience that people can wear costume outside of Halloween!

When I learned more about cons and decided to attend Dragon Con it was the most memorable experience of cosplay I ever had so when the pandemic impacted the world everything was cancelled I decided to turn lemon into lemonade. I needed my cosplay fix...!

I reached out to a cosplayer that I befriended at Dragon Con a year prior and asked "Would you like to Cosplay on the beltline?" He was completely down to do it and said yes! So I posted about it and a random person that we never met reached out and asked if they can join! We said that would be dope so we had our amazing photographer friend join us and we got to the Beltline and took some amazing pictures! 

We said we should do this more often and each time we had more and more people catch us on the Beltline!

Laree's Hobbies:

Laree loves her electric longboard and you can sometimes catch her zipping down the beltline with her cat ear motorcycle helmet. She also is an artist as she paints and crafts jewelry as well!

When is comes to video games she is a PlayStation girl but eventually wants to get into PC gaming.

Meet the Team: About


Meet the Beltline Cosplay Events Team

Welcome to Beltline Cosplay! Our professional and fun team is here to assist in creating the most exciting and creative cosplay events imaginable. Get to know our amazing administrative team and let us know how we can help bring your cosplay dreams to life

Elizabeth Howard


Meet our talented photographer, Liz! She is a creative and talented professional who loves to have fun and dress up as a cosplayer. Liz is passionate about her craft and uses her keen eye to capture the perfect shot. She also loves hot lemon pepper wings, so be sure to have some on hand at the next event! With Liz, you can be sure to get beautiful and creative photos that capture all the special moments.

liz 2.PNG
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