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Meet the Team: Welcome




Beltline Cosplay has evolved into a close-knit family of exceptional and passionate cosplayers, cherishing countless memories and fostering strong bonds through shared experiences. Our vibrant community owes its greatness to each unique individual who has become a valued member of Beltline Cosplay. Now, without any delay, allow us to introduce the heart and soul of our cosplay family – our admin team!

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Meet the Team: Resources
AfroPunk - Starfire
Penny Wise


Laree Starke
IG: @_starree_

Laree Starke is not just a seasoned cosplayer but a passionate advocate for bringing people together. Her journey in cosplay began as a shy youngster who found her time to shine by dressing up as characters for Halloween. As she delved into the world of cosplay as an adult, it became an eye-opening experience, challenging the notion that costumes were only meant for Halloween.

One of the pivotal moments in Laree's cosplay journey occurred at Dragon Con, an event that left an indelible mark on her. When the pandemic disrupted the world and canceled events, Laree decided to turn adversity into opportunity. Missing her cosplay fix, she reached out to a cosplayer she had befriended at Dragon Con, proposing the idea of cosplaying on the Beltline.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with a fellow cosplayer enthusiastically agreeing to join. As word spread, a random person expressed interest, and soon an amazing photographer friend joined the group. Together, they ventured to the Beltline, capturing unforgettable moments through stunning cosplay photos. The positive experience prompted them to make it a recurring event, attracting more participants each time.

In 2023, Laree's life took an additional joyous turn as she embraced motherhood. Despite the new responsibilities, her love for cosplay and connecting with others remained a vibrant part of her life.

Beyond cosplay, Laree has a penchant for adventure on her electric longboard, often spotted zipping down the Beltline adorned with her cat ear motorcycle helmet. An artist at heart, she indulges in painting and crafting jewelry. In the gaming realm, Laree identifies as a PlayStation enthusiast but harbors a desire to delve into the world of PC gaming in the future.

Laree Starke's story is not just about donning costumes; it's a narrative of fostering connections, turning challenges into opportunities, and embracing creativity in various forms, all while navigating the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Meet the Team: About


Meet the Beltline Cosplay Events Team

Welcome to Beltline Cosplay, where creativity meets professionalism! Our dynamic and passionate team is dedicated to crafting unforgettable cosplay events that surpass your wildest imagination. Dive into the world of cosplay excellence as you familiarize yourself with our outstanding administrative team. Whether you're seeking guidance, inspiration, or logistical support, we're here to make your cosplay dreams a vibrant reality. Let us know your vision, and together, we'll elevate your cosplay experience to new heights!

Davie Admin.jpg

Vice President

Davie Rickenback

Meet Davie, our ultimate survivor! A literal survivor from Survivor Season 37, Davie is not just a seasoned reality TV star but also a gifted voice actor and one of our social media managers. Immersed in the creative realm, he collaborates with other remarkable reality TV influencers, infusing his content with a unique blend of authenticity and entertainment. Davie fully embraces his blerd life, living it to the fullest, and delights in taking his followers on this incredible journey with him. Join the adventure! #Kappa


Manager of Operations


Marlon is one of our admins, contributing ingenious event ideas to our vibrant community! As a Professional Voice Actor, he lends a distinct touch to our endeavors. Despite being new to the cosplay scene in 2022, Marlon successfully built his first cosplay. Known for his witty and fun comments, be prepared for a dose of humor in our community. Join us and experience the charisma of #thevoiceactor!


Event Specialist


Meet Brianna, a seasoned veteran in the cosplay scene with over a decade of experience. Renowned for her craftsmanship, she meticulously creates her costumes, props, and wigs, earning her multiple awards at conventions and competitions across the Southeast. Beyond her cosplay talents, Brianna is a real-life superhero, saving lives as a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta when she's not immersed in crafting commissions or movie props. Her dedication to both the cosplay community and healthcare field showcases the breadth of her incredible skills and compassionate heart.


Convention Liaison


Meet Dontaiz, the embodiment of dance moves and a breaker of cosplay stigmas! Currently residing in New York, Dontaiz is a vibrant and charismatic individual who takes immense joy in the art of cosplay. From head to toe, he meticulously designs his cosplays, earning him numerous victories in cosplay competitions. With a penchant for good music, being in the presence of Dontaiz means immersing yourself in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Beyond his infectious energy, he also serves as a national convention liaison, further contributing to the cosplay community. Join the excitement and embrace the dynamic world of Dontaiz!


TikTok Manager / Videographer


Introducing Wesley, our TikTok maestro! As the dedicated TikTok manager, he's the mastermind behind capturing all the enchanting behind-the-scenes moments and skillfully placing cosplayers in the spotlight for some lively reels and TikTok content. Follow along with #whereswaldo to join the quest for exciting and entertaining glimpses into the world of Beltline Cosplay!

Elizabeth Howard

Liz Admin 2.jpg

Introducing Liz, our exceptionally talented photographer! Beyond being a creative professional, Liz is a spirited individual who embraces the joy of dressing up as a cosplayer herself. Her passion for photography is evident in her meticulous approach, using her keen eye to capture the perfect shot. Not only does she bring her artistic touch to the craft, but Liz also infuses a sense of fun into every session.

A connoisseur of hot lemon pepper wings, Liz adds her unique flavor to our events. Be sure to have some on hand at the next gathering! With Liz behind the lens, you can confidently anticipate beautiful and creative photos that artfully capture all the special moments.


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